Curate Your Own Collection

Now that you have had a chance to explore the Japanese collection, it is your turn to be a curator and create your own online exhibit. Select a background, and then choose your favorite artifacts from the different collection groups to create a unique display. You can create your own title and description like a museum curator. When you are done, enter an email address so that you can save and share your collection.


Select a background:

In Japanese culture, there are several classic patterns often used in fabrics for clothing and cushions as well as in other housewares, like ceramics. The wave pattern, for example, is called the “seikai ha,” or “blue ocean wave” (even though here it is light yellow!). The star pattern, popular for kimono, is called “asa no ha,” and represents overlapping leaves.



Select your collection objects:

Select objects below to add them to your collection by checking the box next to the object. Make sure you explore all of the objects in each tab. You can select a maximum of 16 objects for your collection.



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Drag and drop to arrange your Collection

Omedeto - Congratulations!
You have successfully created an online collection based on your ideas and favorite objects - just like a museum curator! Half the fun of collecting is sharing with others. Send a PDF to your email to share with family and friends.

Boston Children’s Museum may contact you to highlight your collection on their website.