• 2009.103.1 Hyottoko Mask
  • 2009.104.2 Okame mask (front)
  • 2009.104.1 Okame mask (front)
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  • 2006.X.59 Kitsune mask (front)
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Kitsune Mask
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This papier-mâché mask represents a kitsune, or fox. It has a white face, gray whiskers, pink ears and mouth, and gold eyes. The interior of the mask features a manufacturer's tag and a painted inscription.

Kitsune (foxes) are common figures in Japanese folklore, where they are considered intelligent tricksters and shapeshifters. Many folktales speak of kitsune transforming into humans in order to become guardians, friends, lovers, and wivesthough they do not always have good intentions. Kitsune have also become closely associated with Inari, one of the Shinto kami or gods, and foxes serve as Inari's messengers. The number of tails a kitsune has (up to nine) indicates its degree of wisdom and power.

2006.X.59 Kitsune mask (front)