2009.94.1 a-b


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  • 2009.94.1 a-b Yuki-Gutsu
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What is it?
Snow Boots
What is it made of?
Where is it from?
When was it made?
Object ID
2009.94.1 a-b

This pair of child's yuki-gutsu (also called fuka-gutsu), or snow boots, are made of woven straw. Straw was used to keep out moisture and cold when walking in the snow. There is a tight side-to-side weave across the soles. Open vertical straw staves are bound with black twine around the ankle. The toe is especially tightly woven, held with braids on either side of the boot that are bound by loops at the heel. A small red ribbon tied in a bow is placed where the toe and ankle pieces meet. The two boots are held together by a length of black twine at the top of each boot.

Gift of Mr. Yoshio Kato, 1983
2009.94.1 a-b Yuki-Gutsu