AB 782 u.1-5

Miss Kyoto

  • AB 782.28 Tea Ceremony Booklet
  • AB 782 u.1-5
  • AB 782 s Sensu
  • AB 782 o Higasa
  • AB 782.9 Miniature Chest
  • AB 782.25 Doll Purse
  • AB 782.18 Teapot
  • AB 782.13 Hair Ornament
  • AB 782.11 Zori
  • AB 782.8 Chest
  • AB 782.17 Tea Caddy
  • AB 782.6 and AB 782.7 Bonbori Lamps
  • AB 782.24 Otedama
  • AB 782.14 Tea Set & AB 782.15 Bamboo Container
  • AB 782.12 Miss Kyoto's Geta
  • AB 782.10 Mirror and Case
  • AB 782.5 Trunk
  • AB 782.19 Hibachi Set
  • AB 782.23 Toy Lamb
  • AB 782.1 Miss Kyoto (front)

Hanetsuki Did you know?

What is it?
Battledore, Shuttlecocks, & Otedama
What is it made of?
Where is it from?
When was it made?
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AB 782 u.1-5

This collection of toys is one of the Miss Kyoto doll accessories. The set includes a hagoita (battledore) and two shuttlecocks for use in the New Year's game hanetsuki, as well as two otedama bean bags. The hagoita (AB 782 u.1) has a black handle and features a three-dimensional silk flower design on the front; the back is painted with green bamboo plants. The silk of the hagoita is slightly faded with time. The two shuttlecocks (AB 782 u.2-3) have green feathers and black beads. The otedama (AB 782 u.4-5) have alternating panels of red and white silk.

Hagoita are wooden paddles, originating in Japan and used to play hanetsuki, though often serving a more ornamental purpose. They are usually painted, sometimes with lacquer, and feature auspicious symbols or complex, three-dimensional collages with silk, washi paper, or other cloth. Traditional hagoita commonly feature portraits of famous kabuki actors or characters. This tradition dates to the 17th century; decorative hagoita are still produced today. A shuttlecock (also called a bird or birdie) is a projectile used in hanetsuki (and in badminton). It has a conical shape made from feathers attached to a spherical base. The conical shape makes the shuttlecock aerodynamically suited to these types of games. Hanetsuki is a traditional Japanese game played in a similar manner to badminton, but without the use of a net. Hanetsuki is popular during the New Year, and there are two variations: one in which a single person attempts to keep the shuttlecock in the air for as long as possible, and another in which two people hit the shuttlecock back and forth.

Otedama is a bean bag toss game played in a manner similar to jacks.



Donated by the Committee on World Friendship Among Children, 1928
AB 782 u.1-5