Name Description Object ID
2006.X.85 Uwabaki Uwabaki Shoes

Uwabaki are a type of indoor shoe, in this case to be worn at school. This pair is for a young girl and is beige with a canvas top, rubber soles and an elastic strap. There are words written in hiragana (phonetic Japanese characters) at the top toe area of the shoes, which...

2009.124.1 ab Geta Geta

This pair of red wooden geta features a rectangular footbed with rounded corners. The top, bottom, and outer sides of the heels are painted red, and there are three flower designs in red, pale yellow, black and blue-gray painted on the footbed of each shoe. The insides of the heels are...

2009.124.1 ab
2009.94.1 a-b Yuki-Gutsu Snow Boots

This pair of child's yuki-gutsu (also called fuka-gutsu), or snow boots, are made of woven straw. Straw was used to keep out moisture and cold when walking in the snow. There is a tight side-to-side weave across the soles. Open vertical straw staves are bound with black twine...

2009.94.1 a-b
AB 1076 Geta Geta

This pair of wooden geta, or sandals, are stained with a red-brown color and feature a carved grain design called "kamakura-bori." Kamakura-bori is a style of wood carving in which the artist first carves an image, then coats it in colored lacquer and polishes it. The...

AB 1076
AB 55-14 s2 Zori Zori

This is a pair of women's outdoor summer sandals, or zori. The zori are made of straw with dark rubber soles, and have v-shaped thonged straps with a striped pattern. The sandals have a floral pattern in faded turquoise and lavender embroidered on the top and symbols of pine,...

AB 55-14 s2
AB 56-6 Zori Zori

This pair of zori (sandals) would have been worn by a young woman. They are made of red lacquered wood, and both shoes are somewhat chipped. Pink lines are painted on the sides; a floral design in pink, green, gold, and blue is painted on top of each sandal. The design is mirrored on...

AB 56-6
AB 58-6 Geta Geta

This is a pair of child's geta (sandals). They have an orange lacquered wood outsole with a black and gold design of leaves and a thick black vertical stripe on the heel. The insoles are made of rice straw, and thonged straps in a v-shape are black and orange fabric with a diamond...

AB 58-6
AB 626 Geta Geta

This pair of wooden geta (sandals) have straw-covered soles. The wood used may be Paulownia wood, or "kiri" in Japanese. The straps are made of purple velvet and are replacements from roughly the 1960s for older greenish-brown straps. The undersides have a small metal fixture...

AB 626
AB 66-15 Geta Geta

This pair of wooden geta, or traditional Japanese footwear, features dark green cloth straps. The straps have a tan pattern of hexagons with four dots inside. These geta are quite high and would have protected the wearer from rain or snow.

Geta are a form of...

AB 66-15
AB 77-17 Tabi Tabi

This pair of tabi, or white cotton slippers, have a white cotton canvas sole. There are four metal and thread enclosures at the ankle, and the toe is split to fit around the thong of a traditional-type shoe (such as geta).

Tabi are traditional Japanese ankle-...

AB 77-17
AB 81-102 Geta Geta

This pair of wooden geta (sandals) have blue and yellow straps. The geta are traditional in form, but the straps are more modern. The wood is dark and has a particularly strong grain.

Geta are a form of traditional Japanese footwear that resembles both clogs...

AB 81-102
AB 82-33 Shoes Shoe

This pair of child's play shoes features characters from the anime "Saikyo Robo Daioja." The shoes have white canvas uppers with white rubber soles. The canvas uppers are covered in plastic decorated with the "Saikyo Robo Daioja" anime characters in bright colors. The soles...

AB 82-33
AB 821 b Geta Geta

This pair of tall wooden geta (sandals) have an attached rain protector of black painted canvas. The thonged straps were once tan but have been replaced with dark brown straps. A metal fixture on the toe of each shoe covers where the straps are tied. The rain protectors are attached...

AB 821 b
AB 84-17 Waraji Waraji Sandals

This pair of waraji, or ice straw sandals, were made for a child by an artist named Keizaburo Imaizumi in Fukuoka Prefecture, Kyūshū, Japan. They were crafted in the traditional zori fashion, with red cloth woven in at the toes, at the middle of the shoes, and at the heels....

AB 84-17
AB 85-42 Slippers Slipper

This pair of blue house slippers for children, size 18 cm, features a pattern of boys and girls in nightgowns holding moons, stars, and flowers. Among the children in the design are smaller purple stars, yellow moons, and pink bows as well. Blue synthetic fur lines the edges, and there is blue...

AB 85-42
AB 87-7 Slippers Slipper

This pair of woven slippers features pink soles and pink-and-tan striped tops. They have an open back and a white bottom.

In Japanese culture, people remove their shoes when entering homes and other buildings, especially where the floors may have rugs, polished wood floors, or tatami...

AB 87-7
AB 895 s3 Zori Zori

This very formal pair of zori (sandals) are made of five layers of board covered in orange, blue, and gold silk. The thonged toe straps are orange and gold and attached in a v-shape. The top layer of the zori has a geometric design in orange, white, and gold. They would have...

AB 895 s3
AB 997 s1 Geta Geta

This pair of wooden geta, or sandals, is made of keyaki wood from the zelkova tree. The thonged toe straps are made of leather, painted green with some patterning. Some of the paint from the toe straps has rubbed off on the wood.

Geta are a form of traditional...

AB 997 s1
AB XX 164 Tabi Covers Tabi

This pair of white nylon tabi covers would be worn over tabi socks to keep them clean. They are made like the socks, with a split toe that would allow them to be worn with geta or zori.

Tabi are traditional Japanese ankle-height, split-toe...

AB XX 164
AB XX 96 Geta Geta

This pair of a young girl's geta (sandals) is made of orange lacquered wood with a painted floral design in brown and gold. The shoes are painted as mirror images, with blue and gold curves on one side and a circular design with blue petals on other. They have tan and orange velveteen...

AB XX 96