AB 73-1


  • AB 73-1 Hairdressing doll (in box)
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Ningyo Did you know?

What is it?
Hairdressing Doll
What is it made of?
Wood/Paper/Hair/Fabric/Composition (dolls)
Where is it from?
When was it made?
Object ID
AB 73-1

This doll, named The Hanako, has six wigs in different hairstyles, all stored in a blond wooden box with seven compartments(for the doll and for her six wigs). The composition doll has a bald head, and is dressed in a pink flowered kimono. Her head is painted white and she has glass set-in eyes. Her lips are painted red, her cheeks and eyelids pink, and the top of her head pale blue. She wears a gold and red obi (sash) around her pink, red, and blue kimono; there is also a thin yellow obi-age cord. The wide sleeves of her kimono are lined with orange and yellow silk.

The six wigs are made of black hair, arranged in different styles and decorated with fabric and ribbon adornments. Each wig fits on the doll's head and is styled and decorated for different ages of girls and women or different occasions. An English-language description of the wigs is pasted to the inside of the box lid, and (in the order of the photos) include: momoware "for young teen agers 16-17 years old," yuiwata "for young girls age of 18-20 years," shimada "for well matured girls 19-22 years old," marumage "for married women, no particular age," shitajimage "mostly for [actors] in a kabuki play," and tekomai "dressed by geisha-girls at the time of festival." 

Gift of Mrs. James H. Jackson, 1973
AB 73-1 Hairdressing doll (in box)