AB 84-13


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What is it?
Ink Line
What is it made of?
Where is it from?
Kyoto, Japan
When was it made?
Object ID
AB 84-13

This line marker, called a sumi-tsubo in Japanese, is made of a wooden wheel that holds a line of twisted linen. This linen is fed off the wheel into the well (the hollowed-out section of the body), which is filled with ink-soaked cotton. The linen, now covered with ink, is then drawn out through a hole, where it is attached to a pin. The sumi-tsubo is used to make long and perfectly straight lines: running the string through the well gives it a coating of black which, when carefully and properly positioned, can transfer a line on the wood to be cut. 

Purchased by The Children's Museum, 1983
AB 84-13 Ink Line