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  • 2009.114.12 a Buyare ushi-oni
  • AB 753 Hagoita
  • AB 91-2 Inflatable Manekineko (front)
  • AB 91-9 Miniature Manekineko (front)
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  • 2009.114.30 a-c Horse
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  • AB 1101 a Toy Dogs
  • 2006.X.114 Toy Zodiac Rabbit (front)
  • AB 90-5 Bejeweled Manekineko (front)
  • AB 90-7 Manekineko (front)
  • AB 77-4 a Battledore (front)
What is it?
Toy Rabbit
What is it made of?
Where is it from?
Miharu, Fukushima, Japan
When was it made?
Object ID

This small papier-mâché rabbit is mounted on a wooden stand, and features a white body decorated with colorful designs and large ears. It would have been one of twelve papier-mâché animals in a collection representing the 12 signs of the zodiac.

The Japanese zodiac is divided into 12 blocks, each of which contains a group of years. Each block is given a name of an animal based on the ancient Chinese concept that time is based on these 12 units. Those individuals born during a particular year are said to inherit some of the personalities of that year's animal. Those born in the Year of the Rabbit are considered the most fortunate. They are smooth talkers, talented, ambitious, virtuous, and reserved. They have fine taste and are regarded with admiration and trust.

2006.X.114 Toy Zodiac Rabbit (front)