AB 87-15

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AB 87-15

This papier-mâché toy dog is called an inuhariko. The dog has a red, drum-like noisemaker toy tied to its back. A paper and sisal noshi is tied to the top of the noisemaker.  The noisemaker features the kanji characters that mean "happiness" on the top drum and the symbol for sun on the lower drum. Four bells are attached to the drums with strings.  The dog is painted white with black spots on its tail, front legs, and forehead. The dog wears a painted red and yellow coat with red, pink, and green flowers on either side and front. The artist's signature is painted on the bottom (Ese).

Inuhariko are papier-mâché toy dogs that function as Shinto amulets, given at a wedding or as a baby gift to ward off bad luck. Noshi are a kind of ceremonial origami fold. They are not certificates, but are attached to gifts to express "good wishes." Noshi consists of white paper folded with a strip of dried abalone or meat, considered a token of good fortune.

Purchased by Leslie Bedford, 1987
AB 87-15 Inuhariko (front)