2009.110.1 a-d


  • AB 799 Sensu (front)
  • AB 83-8 Uchiwa
  • AB 1106 c Yatate
  • AB 990b Necklace
  • AB 69-4 Wagasa
  • AB 456 Purse
  • AB 67-26 Tenugui
  • AB 86-4 Hat (side)
  • 2009.195.1 Key Chain (front)
  • 2009.113.1 a-c Hairpin & Box
  • 2009.110.1 a-d Hair Accessory Set
  • AB 1006 Sensu (open)
  • AB 66-16 Wagasa
  • AB 55-36 Purse (closed)
  • AB XX 81 Wagasa
  • AB 56-30 b Wagasa (open)
  • AB 76-85 Purse
  • 2013.XX.9 Sensu (open)
  • AB 890 Sensu (front)
  • AB 76-110 Sensu
What is it?
Hair Accessory Set
What is it made of?
Wood/Lacquer/Cardboard/Tissue paper
Where is it from?
When was it made?
Object ID
2009.110.1 a-d

This boxed set of hair ornaments includes two lacquer pieces in a silver gift box. The lacquer pieces include: (a) a black lacquer comb with a floral design in red, gold, beige and silver on one side, and a botanical motif in gold on the reverse; and (b) a black lacquer hairpin with a matching floral motif on a flat disk near the top of the pin. Both lacquer pieces are held in place by elastic strands to a white fabric base inside the maroon cardboard box base (c). The box lid (d) is coated in textured silver paper.

Donated by the Juraku Company, 1983.
2009.110.1 a-d Hair Accessory Set