• AB 799 Sensu (front)
  • AB 83-8 Uchiwa
  • AB 1106 c Yatate
  • AB 990b Necklace
  • AB 69-4 Wagasa
  • AB 456 Purse
  • AB 67-26 Tenugui
  • AB 86-4 Hat (side)
  • 2009.195.1 Key Chain (front)
  • 2009.113.1 a-c Hairpin & Box
  • 2009.110.1 a-d Hair Accessory Set
  • AB 1006 Sensu (open)
  • AB 66-16 Wagasa
  • AB 55-36 Purse (closed)
  • AB XX 81 Wagasa
  • AB 56-30 b Wagasa (open)
  • AB 76-85 Purse
  • 2013.XX.9 Sensu (open)
  • AB 890 Sensu (front)
  • AB 76-110 Sensu
What is it?
Ninja Key Chain
What is it made of?
Where is it from?
When was it made?
ca. 1992
Object ID

This metal key chain is in the shape of a ninja, likely a specific character from a popular manga series. The ninja is dressed in red with a pink scarf and socks, a white belt, and a black and tan, cross-hatched pattern. The ninja is reaching for a sword with his left hand, and holds a ninja star in his right. On the front of his head scarf is the kanji character for "ninja," in which a ninja star replaces one of the radicals (components). The reverse depicts the back of the figure in red outlines against a white background, with "Himeji" (the name of a city, now a popular tourist destination) written in kanji on the back of his head. 

Purchased by The Children's Museum, 1993.
2009.195.1 Key Chain (front)