2009.169.1 a-c


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  • 2009.169.1 a-c Jinbei & Haramaki
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What is it?
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Tokyo, Japan
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2009.169.1 a-c

This jinbei (summer loungewear) is meant for a young boy. The set comes with a haramaki (literally, "belly warmer"), a stretchy item of clothing worn around the stomach to increase circulation and provide warmth. The jinbei is blue and white with a geometric star pattern, and includes a top (a) and a pair of shorts (b). The sleeves of the top feature an open knit pattern where they join with the body of the shirt. The jinbei top ties in front, on the right of the outside, as well as inside the shirt on the left. The haramaki (c) is white with pink piping throughout, and made of elastic to keep it snug around the child's stomach. This jinbei and haramaki set was worn by the sons of the donor.

Jinbei (also spelled jimbei) is summertime loungewear, traditionally worn around the house or to sleep by men, but now also worn by women, children, and babies. Jinbei sets include a top and a pair of matching shorts, both made from a light, breathable cotton and dyed to match. Jinbei tops wrap around the torso and tie on the inside and on the outside.

A haramaki is a garment originating in samurai attire from the Sengoku period (16th century). Haramaki are worn around the belly, and were meant to be a protective accompaniment for armor. Modern haramaki are a simple tube of fabric (similar to a tube top), worn around the belly, recently made a popular accessory both for fashion and for health: haramaki increase circulation around the belly, aiding with digestion, providing back support, and keeping the wearer warm.

Gift of Nobuko Takenaka, 1986
2009.169.1 a-c Jinbei & Haramaki