AB 76-138


  • 2013.4.1 Kimono (back)
  • 2012.6.4 Kimono (back)
  • 2012.6.2 Kimono (back)
  • 2009.169.1 a-c Jinbei & Haramaki
  • AB 1007 Haori Coat (back)
  • AB 1002 s1 Wedding Kimono (back)
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  • 2012.3.5 Uniform (Jacket)
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  • 2012.3.4 Jacket (front)
  • 2012.3.1 Jacket
  • 2012.4 Wedding Kimono
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  • AB 76-103 Hakama
  • 2012.3.3 Boy Scout Uniform (Shirt)
  • 2012.3.7 Uniform Pants
  • 2012.3.2 Uniform Skirt
  • AB 76-138 Tsuke Obi
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AB 76-138

An obi is a sash for a kimono, traditional Japanese dress. There are many types of obi, which are categorized by their design, material, and use. 

A tsuke obi, or ready-tied obi, is typically much shorter than other types of obi. With the aid of a wire hook, the separate pre-tied bow of a tsuke obi is attached to a long piece, which is wrapped around the waist. This type of obi is usually informal and most likely worn with a casual yukata

This contemporary tsuke obi is decorated with gold, black, and red patterns on the outer part, while the interior is black. This set includes the obi-age, which was used to cover the obi-makura (obi padding) and keep the upper part of the obi in place, and the obi-jime, a woven string that is tied around the obi for decoration. 

Purchased by Karen Weisel of Museum staff, 1976
AB 76-138 Tsuke Obi