• 2013.4.1 Kimono (back)
  • 2012.6.4 Kimono (back)
  • 2012.6.2 Kimono (back)
  • 2009.169.1 a-c Jinbei & Haramaki
  • AB 1007 Haori Coat (back)
  • AB 1002 s1 Wedding Kimono (back)
  • AB 76-53 Wedding Kimono (back)
  • 2012.3.5 Uniform (Jacket)
  • 2012.3.7 Uniform Pants
  • 2012.3.2 Uniform Skirt
  • AB 76-138 Tsuke Obi
  • AB 66-5 a Obi
  • AB 1 1002 c s3 Jacket
  • 2012.3.4 Jacket (front)
  • 2012.3.1 Jacket
  • 2012.4 Wedding Kimono
  • AB 76-132 Kimono (back)
  • AB 76-133 Kimono (back)
  • AB 76-103 Hakama
  • 2012.3.3 Boy Scout Uniform (Shirt)
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This navy letterman/varsity jacket is made of velour with a navy-and-white striped knit collar, cuffs, and hem. There is a zip front and a gray satin interior lining, as well as two pockets. A label reading "Paradise, Made in Vacation" with a fish and a number is on the inside collar.  There is elaborate machine embroidery on the sleeves and back.  The front features two sewn-on patches, one of the Japanese flag and the other of the American flag. There is also a pin with a photograph of a girl in a straw hat pinned above the American flag.  The sleeves each feature a dragon embroidered in shiny white thread, with yellow eyes, horns, and teeth with a red tongue. The decorations on the back include three sewn-on flag patches (of the USA, the UN, and Japan) and an embroidered outline of Korea and Japan with numerous city names written in English, on top of which is superimposed an eagle, Mt. Fuji, a geisha, and a pagoda.

Purchased by The Children's Museum, 1992.
2012.3.4 Jacket (front)