• AB 85-43 and AB 85-44 Sankaku Daruma
  • AB 82-12 Daruma (front)
  • AB 83-7 Daruma game
  • AB 88-6 Hime Daruma (front)
  • 2014.XX.10 Teen Tokyo Daruma (front)
  • 2010.15.1 Daruma toy (front)
  • AB 88-12 a-c Miniature Daruma Set
  • AB 85-54 Hime Daruma (front)
  • AB 83-5 Daruma Otoshi
  • AB 85-46 Daruma on cow
  • AB 87-6 Daruma Puzzle
  • AB 88-9 Nesting Daruma

Daruma Did you know?

What is it?
Wind-Up Daruma
What is it made of?
Where is it from?
Tokyo, Japan
When was it made?
Object ID

This battery-operated plastic Daruma is covered in red felt. Its arms, legs and face are molded in peach-colored plastic, and it wears red sandals on feet. The Daruma holds a plastic sensu (folding fan) in his right hand and holds a synthetic cloth banner in left hand. The fan has a red circle on the front (to resemble the Japanese flag) and a sticker on the back that reads "National Science Museum." The banner, attached to a red pole, reads "Nanakorobi yakoi!!," a popular Japanese saying associated with Daruma that translates to "Seven times down, eight times up!"--a reminder to persevere in the face of hardship. 

The doll's face has a big mustache and thick eyebrows painted on, and the eyes are ringed with red. Below the face are two Japanese characters in gold. A red and white woven tenugui (headband) encircles the head and is tied in the front. There is a compartment for batteries on the back which has the Kokoro Co. Ltd. manufacturer's mark printed on it; next to the battery compartment is a lever to turn the object on and off. When turned on, a recorded voice shouts phrases of encouragement such as: "Cheer me up!", "I want to win! I want to win!" and "Yes, I can make it!"

This doll was brought to the Boston Children's Museum as a gift in 1986 when the Miss Kyoto doll came back from Japan where she had gone for conservation.

Gift to Boston Children's Museum from the city of Kyoto, 1986
2010.15.1 Daruma toy (front)