AB 83-7


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Daruma Did you know?

What is it?
Daruma Game
What is it made of?
Where is it from?
Sendai, Japan
When was it made?
Object ID
AB 83-7

This Daruma game consists of a wooden ladder and a cylindrical Daruma doll (also made of wood). The ladder is stained dark and stands on a base, and has a hinged section to extend its heigh. The Daruma has two holes, just off center, with v-shaped slots open to each end of the cylinder.  A Daruma decal is attached to one side of cylinder with the familiar angry, mustached Daruma face, and a small bell is attached to the other. When placed at the top, the Daruma tumbles down the ladder and the bell rings.

Donated by the Sendai City Business Men, 1983
AB 83-7 Daruma game