AB 76-101


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What is it?
Tea Caddy
What is it made of?
Where is it from?
When was it made?
ca. 1976
Object ID
AB 76-101

This wooden tea canister is in the shape of an urn. It has a small inner lid and a large outer lid, and is intended for storing tea in the home.

The Japanese word for tea is o-cha. Tea is served in cups without handles and without milk, sugar, or lemon. A very small teapot is used for expensive tea. At festival times, tea is flavored with salted plums and dried seaweed. There are articles used for ceremonial tea that are never used for any other purpose.

This object was donated to the Boston Children's Museum by Dr. You Mima of the Citizens of Kyoto, Japan in 1976 to honor the BostonKyoto Sister City relationship and the move of The Japanese House to Boston.


Donated by the citizens of Kyoto, Japan, 1976
AB 76-101 Tea Caddy