Name Description Object ID
2009.110.1 a-d Hair Accessory Set Hair Accessory Set

This boxed set of hair ornaments includes two lacquer pieces in a silver gift box. The lacquer pieces include: (a) a black lacquer comb with a floral design in red, gold, beige and silver on one side, and a botanical motif in gold on the reverse; and (b) a black lacquer hairpin with a matching...

2009.110.1 a-d
2009.113.1 a-c Hairpin & Box Hairpin

This red lacquer hairpin (a) comes in a white cardboard box (b) with a lid (c) that is covered in textured silver paper. The hairpin tapers to a point at one end and widens into a fan shape at the other end. It is decorated with a floral motif in black and gold on one side and a botanical motif...

2009.113.1 a-c
2009.195.1 Key Chain (front) Ninja Key Chain

This metal key chain is in the shape of a ninja, likely a specific character from a popular manga series. The ninja is dressed in red with a pink scarf and socks, a white belt, and a black and tan, cross-hatched pattern. The ninja is reaching for a sword with his left hand, and holds a...

2013.XX.9 Sensu (open) Sensu

This sensu (folding fan) has a paper mount on bamboo ribs and guards. A single red stripe runs lengthwise along the guard. The paper mount has a decorative diagonal black-and-red striped pattern, done in a calligraphic style of thin and wide lines. There is a string at the end of the...

AB 1006 Sensu (open) Sensu

This sensu, or folding accordion fan, has wood guards that feature identical designs of mountains and a small pagoda. There are six bamboo ribs. The mounted paper has a sheen to it; one side is painted with an image of sakura (cherry blossoms) with young, reddish-brown leaves...

AB 1006
AB 1106 c Yatate Yatate (Brush Holder)

This single-piece bronze yatate, or brush and ink holder, is curved like a bow. The brush is missing, but when in place would have completed the bow shape. This creative shape (most yatate are pipe-shaped) indicates that this piece likely dates to the late Edo period (1600-...

AB 1106 f
AB 456 Purse Purse

This envelope-shaped pocket is a New Year's accessory for a young girl, and would be carried tucked into the obi (sash). The purse is made of red felt-like wool material, very lavishly embroidered with flowers in white, yellow, green, purple, and gold. The purse has a matching band,...

AB 456
AB 55-36 Purse (closed) Purse

This is a silk case or purse, which is folded with a matching band. It has a brown, grey, and tan brocade pattern, and red cord attaches it to a miniature scent pouch. There are two compartments in the main pouch. This purse may have been a wedding ornament.

AB 55-36
AB 56-30 b Wagasa (open) Wagasa (Parasol)

This wagasa is made of hand-painted silk on a bamboo frame. The silk is a sheer teal color and features an image of a sakura (cherry blossom) branch with open blossoms and young red leaves. The outer ribbing is painted black and has a highly decorative kagari-ito (the...

AB 56-30 b
AB 66-16 Wagasa Wagasa (Parasol)

This wagasa is made of thick washi paper on a bamboo frame. The washi has a light blue-green wash decorated with two types of flower blossoms, butterflies, and silver dots. There is no inner washi layer and the washi is uncoated, therefore it was...

AB 66-16
AB 67-26 Tenugui Tenugui

This white cotton head scarf with a pattern of blue dots and smaller blue dashes is called a tenugui. Tenugui cloths were sometimes used around the house, but were often worn (by men) tied around the head. A tenugui like this one would have been worn at an Obon...

AB 67-26
AB 69-4 Wagasa Wagasa (Parasol)

This wagasa (parasol) is made of painted silk on a bamboo frame. The parasol can be held closed by an orange decorative knot clasp with a tassle. The handle is made of bamboo with a decorative bulb at the end. It has a white decorative weave of strings that is tied onto the inside...

AB 69-4
AB 76-110 Sensu Sensu

This is a handheld paper folding fan, called a sensu. The skeleton is made of wood; the exposed wood over the paper at each end has designs carved into it. The fan is decorated with a floral scene over a red and gold background. The images differ on each side, but many of the same...

AB 76-110
AB 76-85 Purse Purse

This small purse or money pouch is made in the shape of a baby doll. The doll figure is in an outstretched position on its stomach, covered in green silk clothing with a geometric floral design and a pink, white, orange, and silver collar. The body of the doll makes up the purse. A brown velvet...

AB 76-85
AB 799 Sensu (front) Sensu

This late 19th-century Japanese sensu (folding accordion fan) has a guard and frame of black lacquered wood. The guards also feature small floral designs etched in red. The front of the paper mount features six birds (possibly sparrows) in flight against a blue background with black...

AB 799
AB 83-8 Uchiwa Uchiwa

This uchiwa, or flat handheld fan, is made of bamboo and paper. The uchiwa features a design by the artist Keisuke Serizawa of a fish, based on the Okinawan stencil technique called bingata. The fish is white with black lines against a bright blue background. The...

AB 83-8
AB 86-4 Hat (side) Hat

This child's hat is made of woven straw and has a rounded brim. It is called a mugiwara bōshi in Japanese. A black ribbon hat band is tied in a bow in the back, and there is a small white and green felt disk with Japanese text on the left side. An elastic band for under...

AB 86-4
AB 890 Sensu (front) Sensu

This sensu (folding fan) is made entirely of sandalwood. The fan is held together with blue ribbon (now detached). Each rib and guard are rounded at the top; a metal hook and pin hold the end of the handle together. A cream-colored tassel is tied onto the hook. 

The fan is...

AB 890
AB 990b Necklace Necklace

This symmetrical necklace is made of beads carved from the horns of the sacred deer of Nara, Japan. The beads, of varying shapes and sizes, are a dark ivory color with carved circular geometric patterns. They are strung on a brown knotted cord with green jade beads interspersed. A club-shaped...

AB 990b
AB XX 81 Wagasa Wagasa (Parasol)

This wagasa is made of green washi paper on a bamboo frame. There are two layers of white kagari-ito, the decorative weave of strings that is tied on the inside ribbing structure. The wagasa is coated with oil (most likely linseed oil) to protect the user...

AB XX 81