Name Description Object ID
2010.15.1 Daruma toy (front) Wind-Up Daruma

This battery-operated plastic Daruma is covered in red felt. Its arms, legs and face are molded in peach-colored plastic, and it wears red sandals on feet. The Daruma holds a plastic sensu (folding fan) in his right hand and holds a synthetic cloth banner in left hand. The fan has a...

2014.XX.10 Teen Tokyo Daruma (front) Teen Tokyo Daruma

This traditional papier-mâché Daruma doll was purchased at the start of the Teen Tokyo exhibition process. One eye was filled in at that point, according to Daruma doll custom: the blank second eye serves as a reminder to persevere and complete a goal or task. The second eye was filled...

AB 82-12 Daruma (front) Daruma

This Daruma doll is made out of papier-mâché. It features the traditional pink face, black mustache and eyebrows, and gold markings on the red background. On the front center of the doll the kanji character "fuku" ("good fortune") is painted in gold. This doll was purchased at...

AB 82-12
AB 83-5 Daruma Otoshi Daruma Otoshi

This Daruma Otoshi game is from Miyagi Prefecture in Japan. The game consists of a Daruma doll made of five cylindrical doughnut-shaped blocks, each a different color (red, yellow, green, purple, and unpainted) that make up the body and a painted headpiece on top. The blocks are held...

AB 83-5
AB 83-7 Daruma game Daruma Game

This Daruma game consists of a wooden ladder and a cylindrical Daruma doll (also made of wood). The ladder is stained dark and stands on a base, and has a hinged section to extend its heigh. The Daruma has two holes, just off center, with v-shaped slots open to each end of the cylinder.  A...

AB 83-7
AB 85-43 and AB 85-44 Sankaku Daruma Sankaku Daruma

This pair of "Sankaku Daruma (triangle Daruma)" dolls featurs an orange and a blue conical-shaped variation on the traditional Daruma doll. Each Daruma doll has a pink face painted on the front, with white eyes, an orange upside-down U-shaped mouth, and simplified black lines to...

AB 85-43 and AB 85-44
AB 85-46 Daruma on cow Daruma

This papier-mâché figurine features a cow with a Daruma doll riding on its back. The cow is painted black with a white nose, belly, and legs. It has blue eyes, yellow horns, and a blue saddle with a red border and five white spots on each side. The cow is a bobblehead. The Daruma is painted in...

AB 85-46
AB 85-54 Hime Daruma (front) Hime Daruma

This Daruma doll is the Hime Daruma, or Princess Daruma. Made of papier-mâché, it is painted red with a gold diamond over the forehead and a white and green floral design painted on both sides and under the face. These plants are bamboo, plum blossoms, and pine, used for ceremonies...

AB 85-54
AB 87-6 Daruma Puzzle Daruma Puzzle

This puzzle forms a variation on the Daruma doll when completed. The puzzle is natural wood color with the traditional angry Daruma face painted in black and red, featuring a thick black beard, eyebrows, markings under the eyes, and pupils. Thinner black strokes are used for the eyes, nose, and...

AB 87-6
AB 88-12 a-c Miniature Daruma Set Miniature Daruma Set

This set of three miniature Daruma dolls are each about 1/2" x 1/2". They are painted red with pink faces, three black lines on either side of the face to represent facial hair and eyebrows, and six gold stripes on the front center. They each are wearing white tenugui (scarves) with...

AB 88-12 a-c
AB 88-6 Hime Daruma (front) Hime Daruma

This purple papier-mâché Hime Daruma (Princess Daruma) doll is made in the Mingei (folk art) style by an artist named Matsumoto. The doll features white five-petaled flowers outlined in red and green and with yellow centers with five black streaks pointed upwards from the...

AB 88-6
AB 88-9 Nesting Daruma Nesting Daruma

This Daruma doll is a wooden nesting doll consisting of four dolls in seven pieces. The largest Daruma is painted red with a natural wood-colored face. It has a beard and red mouth, a nose, scowling blue eyes, wrinkles and crows' feet, and red dot embellishments. A black arch is painted under...

AB 88-9