• AB 27 Hibachi
  • 2012.1.3 Lobster Vase (front)
  • AB 589 a-m Cloisonne Model
  • AB 80-14 Vase (front)
  • AB 798 Lacquer Tray (top)
  • AB 77-6 Furoshiki
  • 2009.180.9 Telephone Card
  • 2009.175.2.1-2 Incense Burner
  • AB 857 a,b Pair of Vases
  • AB XX 182 Charcoal (front)
  • AB 86 a,b Cloisonne Box
  • AB 81-128 Furoshiki
  • AB 76-48 Furoshiki
  • AB 772 Miniature Bucket (lid on)
  • AB 80-19 Lacquer Tray (front)
  • AB 76-111 Lacquer Tray (top)
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Telephone Card
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This telephone card features a photograph of a traditional Japanese scene with blooming sakura (cherry blossoms) in the foreground and a forest in the background, with a river and bridge in between. A label in the white border reads "Nissay Union" in blue in English. The back of the card has instructions on how to use the card, in both Japanese and English. The card has a plain silver back. The card was manufactured by NTT (the Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation). Small punched holes at the top indicate that this card has used up all of its calls (out of a total of 50).  

2009.180.9 Telephone Card