AB 76-111


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  • 2012.1.3 Lobster Vase (front)
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  • AB 80-19 Lacquer Tray (front)
  • AB 76-111 Lacquer Tray (top)
What is it?
What is it made of?
Lacquered wood
Where is it from?
When was it made?
Object ID
AB 76-111

This circular serving tray is made of black lacquer with a curvilinear design in gold and bronze. The design is on both sides of the tray.

It was donated to the Boston Children's Museum by Mr. Masatako Yamaguchi of the Citizens of Kyoto, Japan in 1976 to honor of the BostonKyoto Sister City relationship and the move of The Japanese House to Boston.

Lacquerware objects are covered with lacquer, a clear or colored wood finish. The dried lacquer is then sometimes inlaid or carved in intricate patterns. Lacquerware objects include boxes, tableware, hair ornaments, and so forth. Lacquerware continues to be produced throughout Japan and East Asia today.

Donated by the citizens of Kyoto, Japan, 1976
AB 76-111 Lacquer Tray (top)