AB 798


  • AB 27 Hibachi
  • 2012.1.3 Lobster Vase (front)
  • AB 589 a-m Cloisonne Model
  • AB 80-14 Vase (front)
  • AB 798 Lacquer Tray (top)
  • AB 77-6 Furoshiki
  • 2009.180.9 Telephone Card
  • 2009.175.2.1-2 Incense Burner
  • AB 857 a,b Pair of Vases
  • AB XX 182 Charcoal (front)
  • AB 86 a,b Cloisonne Box
  • AB 81-128 Furoshiki
  • AB 76-48 Furoshiki
  • AB 772 Miniature Bucket (lid on)
  • AB 80-19 Lacquer Tray (front)
  • AB 76-111 Lacquer Tray (top)
What is it?
Lacquer Tray
What is it made of?
Where is it from?
When was it made?
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AB 798

This small lacquer tray has rounded corners and slightly upturned sides. It has a red background with a gold design of a weeping sakura (cherry tree) and a pheasant in flight. The underside is a darker red with a gold speckle design. The tray is believed to have been either an ashtray or for use during the New Year to hold calling cards.

Donated by Mrs. James B. Greason, 1940.
AB 798 Lacquer Tray (top)