AB 76-48


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  • 2012.1.3 Lobster Vase (front)
  • AB 589 a-m Cloisonne Model
  • AB 80-14 Vase (front)
  • AB 798 Lacquer Tray (top)
  • AB 77-6 Furoshiki
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  • 2009.175.2.1-2 Incense Burner
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  • AB 81-128 Furoshiki
  • AB 76-48 Furoshiki
  • AB 772 Miniature Bucket (lid on)
  • AB 80-19 Lacquer Tray (front)
  • AB 76-111 Lacquer Tray (top)

Furoshiki Did you know?

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AB 76-48

This furoshiki, or wrapping cloth, is made of a dark green-dyed fabric. It consists of three long panels joined at two seams. The design features the "three friends of winter" (bamboo, plum, and pine trees) and a large mon (family crest) at a bottom corner, here a four-petal flower encased in a thick circular border. The plum blossom is filled in with a blue color; the rest of the image is created by the negative space of undyed fabric. This is a fairly large piece and was either used to wrap a large amount of items or perhaps to allow room for a specific tying technique.

Purchased by Karen Weisel of BCM staff, 1976
AB 76-48 Furoshiki