AB 59-12 a, b


  • AB 93-5 Rice Bowl
  • 2013.XX.11 Osechi-ryori (open)
  • AB 1031 s2 Chopsticks
  • AB 845 Rice Cake Mold
  • AB 88-2 Chopsticks Set
  • AB 59-12 a,b
  • AB 76-145 a,b Zaru Soba Tray
  • AB 80-30 a Rice Paddle
  • AB 911 Ceramic Dish
  • AB 82-27 Bento Box
  • AB 82-18 Makisu
  • AB 82-13 Chopsticks rest
  • AB 914 Kitchen Knife
  • AB 1107 a,b Pot
  • AB 76-109 Rice Cooker
  • AB 936 a-b Futamono bowl (lid on)
What is it?
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AB 59-12 a, b

This hashi setto, or chopsticks (ohashi) and case set, features a pair of bamboo chopsticks with ivory tips. The chopsticks are a rectangular shape at the top and taper to a point at the bottom. They are stained dark brown. The case is made of bamboo with an ivory cap. A long crack runs along one side of the case.

Chopsticks are short, usually tapered sticks used in pairs of equal length. They are the traditional eating utensils of China, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam. 

Donated by Mr. Edmund Johnson, 1956.
AB 59-12 a,b