AB 93-5


  • AB 93-5 Rice Bowl
  • 2013.XX.11 Osechi-ryori (open)
  • AB 1031 s2 Chopsticks
  • AB 845 Rice Cake Mold
  • AB 88-2 Chopsticks Set
  • AB 59-12 a,b
  • AB 76-145 a,b Zaru Soba Tray
  • AB 80-30 a Rice Paddle
  • AB 911 Ceramic Dish
  • AB 82-27 Bento Box
  • AB 82-18 Makisu
  • AB 82-13 Chopsticks rest
  • AB 914 Kitchen Knife
  • AB 1107 a,b Pot
  • AB 76-109 Rice Cooker
  • AB 936 a-b Futamono bowl (lid on)
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Rice Bowl
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AB 93-5

This red plastic rice bowl features a "Hello Kitty" design. The bowl is decorated with three color decals of Hello Kitty, or "Kitty-chan" as she is known in Japan, and one color brand logo with a teddy bear. The bottom is stamped with the manufacturer's information (Sanrio Company).

Hello Kitty, called Kitty-chan in Japan, is a fictional, cartoon cat character produced by the Japanese company Sanrio. She is a white bobtail cat who has a distinctive pink or red bow, and first appeared on a vinyl coin purse in Japan in 1974; she first appeared in the United States in 1976. Hello Kitty is emblematic of the kawaii ("cute") section of Japanese pop culture, and she is now an international phenomenon appearing on school supplies, fashion accessories, TV shows, high-end consumer products, and even at theme parks.

Purchased by The Children's Museum, 1993.
AB 93-5 Rice Bowl