AB 76-145 a,b


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  • 2013.XX.11 Osechi-ryori (open)
  • AB 1031 s2 Chopsticks
  • AB 845 Rice Cake Mold
  • AB 88-2 Chopsticks Set
  • AB 59-12 a,b
  • AB 76-145 a,b Zaru Soba Tray
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  • AB 76-109 Rice Cooker
  • AB 936 a-b Futamono bowl (lid on)
  • AB 914 Kitchen Knife
What is it?
Zaru-Soba Tray
What is it made of?
Where is it from?
When was it made?
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AB 76-145 a,b

This tray for serving soba noodles is made of two pieces: a bamboo frame and mat. The mat is made of thin slices of bamboo about 1/8" wide that are joined together by roping in three locations: one in the middle and two that are equally spaced out on either side. The frame is held together by a simple joinery system and four small metal pins. The outer sides of the bamboo frame and mat have a clear varnish finish.

These trays are typically used to serve zaru-soba (cold buckwheat noodles), generally eaten in the summertime. 

Purchased by Karen Weisel of Museum staff, 1976
AB 76-145 a,b Zaru Soba Tray