AB 76-109


  • AB 93-5 Rice Bowl
  • 2013.XX.11 Osechi-ryori (open)
  • AB 1031 s2 Chopsticks
  • AB 845 Rice Cake Mold
  • AB 88-2 Chopsticks Set
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  • AB 1107 a,b Pot
  • AB 76-109 Rice Cooker
  • AB 936 a-b Futamono bowl (lid on)
  • AB 914 Kitchen Knife
What is it?
Rice Cooker
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AB 76-109

This white rice cooker is circular, with black plastic handles. It has a metal top with one circular plastic black handle. The pot stands on three pegs. The front has a white switch, which is used to heat the rice. Below the switch is an outlet, where the cord plugs in. Next to the switch is a sticker reading, "Overseas Use Only National Panasonic." Inside the cooker there is an electric cord along with other metal parts. The inside of the cooker has notches for measuring food.

It was donated to the Boston Children's Museum by the Citizens of Kyoto, Japan in 1976 to honor the BostonKyoto Sister City relationship and the move of The Japanese House to Boston.

Donated by the citizens of Kyoto, Japan, 1976
AB 76-109 Rice Cooker