AB 60-4 g


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  • AB 604 g Arrowhead
  • AB 61-1 Samurai Armor
  • AB 60-2 c Sword

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AB 60-4 g

This arrowhead tip (yajiri) is made of steel and is a triangular shape with two cutouts on the tip. The top cutout is circular and the bottom is of a sakura (cherry blossom). It has a short handle to insert into the arrow shaft. It is one of a set of five yajiri.

Ya (arrows) used in war by the samurai had a variety of tips (called yajiri or yanone). These arrowheads were forged using the same materials and methods as traditional Japanese swords and were often signed by the maker.

Donated by Harvard University's Fogg Museum, 1960
AB 604 g Arrowhead