AB 965 b-e


  • AB 274 Samurai doll (front)
  • AB 66-19 Kaiken
  • AB 61-2 Kabuto (front)
  • AB XX 80 Tsuba (side A)
  • AB 60-10 b Stirrup
  • AB 1131 d Miniature Katana and Shoto
  • AB 625 Katana & Scabbard
  • AB XX 133 Mace
  • AB 955 b (front)
  • AB 928 Tsuba (front)
  • AB 60-11 Samurai Doll (front)
  • AB 59-5 Samurai on Horseback Doll
  • AB 1131 j Arrows & Stand (both)
  • AB 1131 b Suit of Armor
  • AB 360 Horse (front)
  • AB 965 b-e Sword Caps
  • AB 60-2 e Shoto Sword
  • AB 604 g Arrowhead
  • AB 61-1 Samurai Armor
  • AB 60-2 c Sword

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AB 965 b-e

These four decorative metal caps are for sword hilts. They are oval and feature gilded relief designs. (b) features two old men (peasants) walking, one with a tea kettle over his shoulder, the other with some sort of tool (possible a hoe) carried over his shoulder. (c) features two faces: on the left is a man with a long beard, on the right is a larger head with more grotesque, exaggerated features (possibly an oni, or demon) wearing a helmet. (d) features a mounted samurai in high relief, wearing armor and carring a bow. (e) has a carved relief border and sides, and in the sunken middle is Fudo Myoo (Acala in Sanskrit), the Buddhist guardian deity recognizable by his angry expression, the sword he carries in his right hand, the noose he carries in his left, and the background of flames. All four sword caps are finely detailed and have a slit on each side through which a thread would be braided.

Donated by Miss Louisa W. Case, 1944.
AB 965 b-e Sword Caps