AB 625


  • AB 274 Samurai doll (front)
  • AB 66-19 Kaiken
  • AB 61-2 Kabuto (front)
  • AB XX 80 Tsuba (side A)
  • AB 60-10 b Stirrup
  • AB 1131 d Miniature Katana and Shoto
  • AB 625 Katana & Scabbard
  • AB XX 133 Mace
  • AB 955 b (front)
  • AB 928 Tsuba (front)
  • AB 60-11 Samurai Doll (front)
  • AB 59-5 Samurai on Horseback Doll
  • AB 1131 j Arrows & Stand (both)
  • AB 1131 b Suit of Armor
  • AB 360 Horse (front)
  • AB 965 b-e Sword Caps
  • AB 60-2 e Shoto Sword
  • AB 604 g Arrowhead
  • AB 61-1 Samurai Armor
  • AB 60-2 c Sword

Samurai Did you know?

What is it?
Katana Sword
What is it made of?
Metal/Wood/Cotton/Ray skin
Where is it from?
Object ID
AB 625

This samurai sword, called a katana, has a handle covered in ray skin, then wrapped in a braided fabric. The tsuba (sword guard) is made of wood and features a gold inlaid moon on one side and a metal bird attached to the other side among carved flowers. The scabbard is black lacquered wood, with narrow grooves about an inch apart and metal decorations of maple leaves, insects, and other flowers.

A katana is a long sword that is over two shaku long. A shaku, the traditional unit of measurement for Japanese swords, is equivalent to about a foot, though it was longer before 1891. A short sword, or shoto, is between one and two shaku long.

Donated by Mrs. T. Mott Shaw, 1960.
AB 625 Katana & Scabbard