AB 66-19


  • AB 274 Samurai doll (front)
  • AB 66-19 Kaiken
  • AB 61-2 Kabuto (front)
  • AB XX 80 Tsuba (side A)
  • AB 60-10 b Stirrup
  • AB 1131 d Miniature Katana and Shoto
  • AB 625 Katana & Scabbard
  • AB XX 133 Mace
  • AB 955 b (front)
  • AB 928 Tsuba (front)
  • AB 60-11 Samurai Doll (front)
  • AB 59-5 Samurai on Horseback Doll
  • AB 1131 j Arrows & Stand (both)
  • AB 1131 b Suit of Armor
  • AB 360 Horse (front)
  • AB 965 b-e Sword Caps
  • AB 60-2 e Shoto Sword
  • AB 604 g Arrowhead
  • AB 61-1 Samurai Armor
  • AB 60-2 c Sword

Samurai Did you know?

What is it?
Kaiken Dagger
What is it made of?
Where is it from?
Object ID
AB 66-19

This kaiken, or dagger, is sharp on one edge and has a wood handle with a bone inlay. There are three nails on each side of the handle joining the wood to the blade, which is fairly rusted with age.

A kaiken is an 8-10 inch long, single or double bladed dagger without ornamental fittings housed in a plain mount, formerly carried by men and women of the samurai class. It was useful for self-defense indoors where the long katana (sword) was inconvenient. Women carried them in their kimono either in a pocket-like fold or in the sleeve for self-defense or for ritual suicide. When a samurai woman married, she was expected to carry a kaiken with her when she went to her husband's house to live.

Gift of the Children's Museum of Cambridge, 1966
AB 66-19 Kaiken