Name Description Object ID
2013.XX.11 Osechi-ryori (open) Osechi-ryōri Lunch Box

This two-tiered lunch box contains a variety of food that is referred to as osechi-ryōri. The container is known as a jūbako, or tiered or stacked lunch box; it is made of red lacquer and features a winter-themed design of orange plum blossoms, pine branches, gold bamboo...

AB 1031 s2 Chopsticks Chopsticks

This pair of ohashi (chopsticks) is made of bone, likely deer antlers from the sacred deer in Nara. The chopsticks feature an image of a deer, a lantern, and a temple. They are thin, rectangular at the top, and taper to a point. 

Chopsticks are short, usually tapered sticks used...

AB 1031 s2
AB 1107 a,b Pot Pot

This tall, hexagonal ceramic pot is meant to hold soy sauce. The handle is made of coiled metal hooked onto the pot, and there is a bent stick inside the coil as boning. The underside of the lid has six kanji characters painted in blue ink. The exterior of the pot features a spring...

AB 1107 a,b
AB 59-12 a,b Chopsticks

This hashi setto, or chopsticks (ohashi) and case set, features a pair of bamboo chopsticks with ivory tips. The chopsticks are a rectangular shape at the top and taper to a point at the bottom. They are stained dark brown. The case is made of bamboo with an ivory cap. A long...

AB 59-12 a, b
AB 76-109 Rice Cooker Rice Cooker

This white rice cooker is circular, with black plastic handles. It has a metal top with one circular plastic black handle. The pot stands on three pegs. The front has a white switch, which is used to heat the rice. Below the switch is an outlet, where the cord plugs in. Next to the switch is a...

AB 76-109
AB 76-145 a,b Zaru Soba Tray Zaru-Soba Tray

This tray for serving soba noodles is made of two pieces: a bamboo frame and mat. The mat is made of thin slices of bamboo about 1/8" wide that are joined together by roping in three locations: one in the middle and two that are equally spaced out on either side. The frame is held...

AB 76-145 a,b
AB 80-30 a Rice Paddle Rice Paddle

This bamboo rice paddle (a), or shamoji, features the words "Oharano Jinja" (Oharano Shrine) in four kanji characters, burned onto the surface of the handle. It is accompanied by a paper bag (b), on which is written the words "Oharano Shrine" and "Fuku shakushi" ("...

AB 80-30 a-b
AB 82-13 Chopsticks rest Chopsticks Rest

This ceramic hashioki, or chopsticks rest, is boat-shaped with a design of three circular mon (family crests) in blue against a white background.

AB 82-13
AB 82-18 Makisu Makisu

This makisu (bamboo mat) is used to roll the type of maki-zushi (sushi roll) with a layer of nori (roasted seaweed) filled with a layer of rice and a filling of vegetables or meat. The makisu is square-shaped, made of individual rounded bamboo sticks held...

AB 82-18
AB 82-27 Bento Box Bento

This bento lunch box has four separate parts: two rectangular containers for food with rounded corners, one loose piece of wood for separating types of food, and a lid. The box has a visible horizontal grain throughout. The bento is made of cedar (sugi in Japanese),...

AB 82-27
AB 845 Rice Cake Mold Rice Cake Mold

This wooden rectangular rice cake (probably onigiri) mold is in two parts and features three designs: a miniature pine tree, a sakura (cherry blossom), and a fan. One of the mold pieces has these shapes in the negative, with the other part in the positive (with a handle), like...

AB 845
AB 88-2 Chopsticks Set Chopsticks Set

This ohashi setto (set of chopsticks) is for a child. The box has a sliding top; the chopsticks can be stored inside for transport to and from school. The chopsticks are made of wood, painted blue, and decorated with a boy and ghost and the logo "Obake no Q-Taro." The case is...

AB 88-2
AB 911 Ceramic Dish Sauce Dish

This ceramic dish is meant to hold sauce, pickles, or condiments. It is boat-shaped and features a blue and white design of two mirrors with decorative knotting at the center and flowers on each concave end, as well as a patterned border. This dish was broken in half at one point but was sealed...

AB 911
AB 914 Kitchen Knife Kitchen Knife

This kitchen knife is for cutting meat. It has a wooden, oval-shaped handle with a metal end nearest the blade. The blade, inserted into the end of the handle, tapers at one end. One side of the blade is polished while the other side has only a small polished strip, leaving the rest a black...

AB 914
AB 93-5 Rice Bowl Rice Bowl

This red plastic rice bowl features a "Hello Kitty" design. The bowl is decorated with three color decals of Hello Kitty, or "Kitty-chan" as she is known in Japan, and one color brand logo with a teddy bear. The bottom is stamped with the manufacturer's information (Sanrio Company)....

AB 93-5
AB 936 a-b Futamono bowl (lid on) Futamono Bowl

This porcelain bowl and lid is an example of a type of Japanese dishware called futamono, meaning "lidded dishes." Futamono are used to keep food warm. It has eight panels featuring four types of floral designs in blue; each panel is featured twice. Distinguishable are the...

AB 936 a, b