• AB 75-8 a Pencil
  • AB 81-82 Soroban (front)
  • AB 75-16 Riddle Card Game
  • 2006.X.102 Randoseru Backpack (closed)
  • AB 756 d Ruler
  • AB 756 t Book (volume one)
  • 2006.X.199 Photo Album (cover)
  • 2006.X.84 Abacus
  • AB 756 k Box of Crayons (closed)
  • AB 756 a Book Bag (closed)
  • 2009.105.1 a-d Clay Working Tools
  • AB 90-8 Animal School Supplies
  • AB 75-9 Football Pencil
  • 2006.X.86 Planner (cover)
  • AB 82-35 Mojiasobi Game
  • AB 86-5 Chopsticks Set
What is it?
Randoseru Backpack
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This red child's backpack, called a randoseru, contains various school supplies and other items. The bag is red leather or vinyl, in a rectangular shape. The red color is traditionally used by girls, while boys favor black backpacks. The metal clasp, on which the word "Atomu" is inscriped in katakana, is at the bottom to attach a front flap, which folds back to reveal an orange vinyl-lined interior with various pockets and one large compartment for books. There is a beige trim on the reverse of the bag with metal button adornments all over. A key chain that is attached at the side represents a plastic cartoon character of a small man with pointed, elf-like ears and a black helmet decorated with red fly's eyes; he is also wearing a green shirt and a white belt.

The items inside the interior flap include:

-One small blue, plastic-covered, wallet-sized, empty photo album, decorated with anime characters on the front.
-One small plastic packet of facial tissues with a brown and white cartoon dog and the words "ABC wan wan inukun" on the front. The back features the words "Hone hone, daisuki ["I love bones"]; open; Planning by Kyoda Creation," with another picture of the dog in a yellow box with bones. The side reads "Frisky Tot."
-One packet of twenty-five 13.2 cm x 13.2 cm Hello Kitty (Sanrio Co.)themed origami papers in a plastic sleeve with instructions on the reverse. The origami papers have a 1976 and 1989 copyright date, and are made in Japan. They originally cost ¥150.

One of the smaller front pockets contains a small coloring book with girl cartoon characters on front and inside, made in Japan and with a price tag for ¥70 on the back.

The main compartment contains:

-One folding packet of five multicolored "Tama & Friends" cartoon characterthemed bandages
-One wooden ruler without numbers
-One plastic reading card, with the words "Gojuu On" ("Fifty Sounds") at the top left, a box for the student's name at the top right, and three large colored boxes with Japanese characters in the center. The top green box contains all of the hiragana characters; the middle green box all the katakana characters; and the bottom blue box is divided in two, showing variations on both the hiragana and katakana characters. At the bottom in small font is printed a circle and a star followed by the words "Sun-Star DB602-1-100."

-13 soft-cover books:    

1. "Kokugo Ichi shitaTomodachi"/"Japanese Language 1 LowerFriends" (Japanese language book)   
2. "Kokugo Ichi UeKasaguruma"/"Japanese Language 2 UpperWindmill" (Japanese language book)   
3-4. "Zuga Kousaku 3"/"Drawing Handbook 3" [two editions]   
5. "Shougakusei no Ongaku 3"/"Music 3 for Elementary School Students" (music book)   
6. "Japonica Gakushuu Chou"/"Japonica Workbook"   
7. "Hello Kitty Tetzukuri Nooto"/"Hello Kitty Memo Pad"   
8. "Atarashii Shakai San Ue"/"New Society Level 3 Upper"    
9. "Kotoba Okeiko Nooto"/"Vocabulary Practice Notebook" 
10-11. "Atarashii Sansuu 1"/"New Arithmetic 1" [2 copies] 
12. "Seikatsu 1 Minna Daisuki"/"Life 1 I love Everything/one" [early reader]   
13. "Snoopy the Superbeagle from the World Famous Comic Strip by Charles M. Schulz" notebook, blank except for one marker Snoopy drawing on the first page.

-One Hello Kittythemed cotton drawstring satchel with the following items stored inside: one pink metal pencil case with a Licca doll theme on the cover, and inside the case are two erasers, a gingham red and white bow, a sheet of Licca stickers, and a removable metal tray; two cotton handkerchiefs with cartoon character designs (one pink Little Twin Starsthemed, the other brown My Neighbor Totorothemed); one small brown empty leather/vinyl case with a metal clasp; one green Hello Kittythemed pen; one small pink, fuzzy pig figure with a pin on the back for attaching to a bag or clothing; and one roll of adhesive tape with the "Pinga" penguin cartoon character on the case and on the tape itself.

2006.X.102 Randoseru Backpack (closed)