• AB 75-8 a Pencil
  • AB 81-82 Soroban (front)
  • AB 75-16 Riddle Card Game
  • 2006.X.102 Randoseru Backpack (closed)
  • AB 756 d Ruler
  • AB 756 t Book (volume one)
  • 2006.X.199 Photo Album (cover)
  • 2006.X.84 Abacus
  • AB 756 k Box of Crayons (closed)
  • AB 756 a Book Bag (closed)
  • 2009.105.1 a-d Clay Working Tools
  • AB 90-8 Animal School Supplies
  • AB 75-9 Football Pencil
  • 2006.X.86 Planner (cover)
  • AB 82-35 Mojiasobi Game
  • AB 86-5 Chopsticks Set
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This small student planner keeps a record of attendance and has a yellow plastic cover with animal cartoons on it. The cartoon figures include a brown bear, a pink rabbit with a red bow, and a round orange face sitting among a bouquet of flowers. There are illustrations throughout the pages of the planner as well, paired with calendar pages for each month. The former owner marked some of the calendar pages, with stamps in different shapes on various days (the different shapes may be a kind of personal code). The front features the words "Kinder-book Attendance Card" on the upper left; on the bottom right is a white square for the owner's name and class (in this case, Nagaita Kan and Sakuranbo [Cherry], respectively). 

2006.X.86 Planner (cover)