AB 756 t


  • AB 75-8 a Pencil
  • AB 81-82 Soroban (front)
  • AB 75-16 Riddle Card Game
  • 2006.X.102 Randoseru Backpack (closed)
  • AB 756 d Ruler
  • AB 756 t Book (volume one)
  • 2006.X.199 Photo Album (cover)
  • 2006.X.84 Abacus
  • AB 756 k Box of Crayons (closed)
  • AB 756 a Book Bag (closed)
  • 2009.105.1 a-d Clay Working Tools
  • AB 90-8 Animal School Supplies
  • AB 75-9 Football Pencil
  • 2006.X.86 Planner (cover)
  • AB 82-35 Mojiasobi Game
  • AB 86-5 Chopsticks Set
What is it?
Collected Gems of Japanese Children's Stories
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AB 756 t

This book, in two volumes, is titled Collected Gems of Japanese Children's Stories. The books are part of a collection of items that would have been used by a 6th grade schoolgirl in Japan.  

The books are rather large, hardback volumes with their own cases (one case is now missing). The case of the first book has Japanese motifs in blue with the word "KIKHI" written in small letters. Japanese characters run down the spine of case. The books themselves have tan covers with blue binding. The front covers have large color pictures with titles above. The titles are also on the binding along with an image of an old woman's face and a puppy's face. The books are primarly text but do feature some illustrations, in both color and in black-and-white.

Donated by Kokusai Bunka Shinkikai, 1938
AB 756 t Book (volume one)