AB 75-8 a


  • AB 75-8 a Pencil
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  • AB 75-16 Riddle Card Game
  • 2006.X.102 Randoseru Backpack (closed)
  • AB 756 d Ruler
  • AB 756 t Book (volume one)
  • 2006.X.199 Photo Album (cover)
  • 2006.X.84 Abacus
  • AB 756 k Box of Crayons (closed)
  • AB 756 a Book Bag (closed)
  • 2009.105.1 a-d Clay Working Tools
  • AB 90-8 Animal School Supplies
  • AB 75-9 Football Pencil
  • 2006.X.86 Planner (cover)
  • AB 82-35 Mojiasobi Game
  • AB 86-5 Chopsticks Set
What is it?
What is it made of?
Where is it from?
Tokyo, Japan
When was it made?
Object ID
AB 75-8 a

This pencil (or "enpitsu" in Japanese) is made for children and features cartoon-like designs of a blonde girl with blue and red flowers in her hair. Her face is repeated amid other red and pink flowers on a white background around the whole pencil. It is one of a set of four pencils in two patterns, purchased from the children's book department of a large department store in Tokyo.

Purchased by Karen Weisel, 1973 & 1975
AB 75-8 a Pencil