AB 756 a


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What is it?
Book Bag
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AB 756 a

This small rectangular leather book bag is part of a collection of items that would have been used by a 6th grade schoolgirl in Japan. 
The large exterior leather flap covers the entire front of the bag, with leather buckle fastenings at the bottom. The flap has a plain design, with the exception of a raised border around the edge. The interior of the bag contains an additional belt buckle to tighten, three writing utensil holders in a small leather pocket, a small slot to perhaps slide in a paper with the student's name, and above that a larger slot with a paper showing a grid and the days of the week written in Japanese at the top, perhaps for a class schedule. Behind this is a deep main pocket to place books and other school items. The back of the bag has a soft leather side, with two leather buckle straps that are attached to the bag by metal fasteners at the bottom and a large metal ring on top. The manufacturer's mark is embossed in leather below the metal ring. 

Donated by Kokusai Bunka Shinkikai, 1938
AB 756 a Book Bag (closed)