AB 75-16


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  • AB 75-16 Riddle Card Game
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Riddle Card Game
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AB 75-16

This card game of "Riddle Cards" (Nazonazo Karuta) comes in a colorful cardboard box. The box is filled with cards that have pictures or characters on one side and are blank on the other. The exterior of the box shows a bear wearing a mortarboard cap, green overalls, and a red bow tie and holding a book and pointer. The bear is standing in front of a chalkboard attached to a tree outside, teaching a lesson on riddles to a class consisting of a bunny, a chipmunk, and a monkey. 

The rules of the game are not included, but it seems to be a combination of matching and riddle-solving. Each picture card has one large character in a circle, which corresponds to the first character of the corresponding riddle card. The riddle card poses a question (ex. "What grows old in just one day?") and the picture card provides the answer in the image depicted (ex. "A newspaper").

Purchased by Karen Weisel, 1973 & 1975
AB 75-16 Riddle Card Game